New Ubuntu Members; Miles Sharpe (Kilos, msdomdonner), Raoul Snyman (superfly, raoul-snyman)

Javier López chilicuil at
Thu Feb 5 22:52:44 UTC 2015


On behalf of the Ubuntu Membership board I'd like to welcome the
latest Ubuntu Members elected during the last meeting.

Miles Sharpe[0] is part and backbone of the growing ubuntu-za community,
his character and perseverance have revealed the true spirit of Ubuntu
with everyone he's been in contact with, recently he has also started
to reach out till the last Ubuntu African(#ubuntu-africa) user so
everyone has a community to be part of.

Raoul Snyman[1] is developer(openlp), open source advocate and current
maintainer of the ubuntu-za webpage, he's has worked closely in
integrating openlp in Debian/Ubuntu and in helping other ubuntu-za
members with detailed tutorials about Ubuntu technologies. In addition
to his Ubuntu work he has experience organizing open source events,
like DebConf 16 in Cape Town.


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