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Subject: Free copies of The Official Ubuntu Book for Locos
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Hi everyone,

Pearson is once again supporting our Local Teams by providing free
copies of the Official Ubuntu Book (as well as discounts for
non-approved Locos). Here's what you need to get a copy for your team,
enjoy everyone:

Prentice Hall has just released the 8th Ed. of "[The Official Ubuntu
authored by Matthew Helmke and Elizabeth K. Joseph with José Antonio
Rey, Philip Ballew and Benjamin Mako Hill.

This is the book’s first update in 2 years and as the authors state in
their Preface, "...a large part of this book has been rewritten—not
because the earlier editions were bad, but because so much has
happened since the previous edition was published. This book
chronicles the major changes that affect typical users and will help
anyone learn the foundations, the history, and how to harness the
potential of the free software in Ubuntu."

As with prior editions, publisher Prentice Hall has kindly offered to
ship approved LoCo teams each (1) free copy of this new edition. To
keep this as simple as possible, you can request your book by
following these steps. The team contact shown on our LoCo Team List
(and only the team contact) should send an email to Heather Fox at
<mailto:heather.fox at pearson.com> and include the following details:

- Your full name
- Which team you are from
- If your team resides within North America, please provide: Your
complete street address (the book will ship by UPS)
- If your team resides outside North America, you will first be
emailed a voucher code to download the complete eBook bundle from the
publisher site, InformIT, which includes the ePub/mobi/pdf files.

If your team does reside outside North America and you wish to be
considered for a print copy, please provide:

Your complete street address, region, country AND IMPORTANT: Your
phone number, including country and area code. (Pearson will make its
best effort to arrange shipment through its nearest corporate office.)

A few notes:

- Only approved teams are eligible for a free copy of the book.
- Only the team contact for each team can make the request for the book.
- There is a limit of (1) copy of each book per approved team.
- Prentice Hall will cover postage, but not any import tax or other
shipping fees.
- When you have the books, it is up to you what you do with them. We
recommend you share them between members of the team. LoCo Leaders:
please don’t hog them for yourselves!

If you have any questions or concerns, please directly contact
Pearson/Prentice Hall’s Heather Fox at <heather.fox at pearson.com> Also,
for those teams who are not approved or yet to be approved, you can
still score a rather nice 35% discount on the books by registering
your LoCo with the [Pearson User Group

- http://www.jorgecastro.org/2014/08/20/free-official-ubuntu-books-for-local-teams/

Jorge Castro
Canonical Ltd.
http://juju.ubuntu.com/ - Automate your Cloud Infrastructure

Jorge Castro
Canonical Ltd.
http://juju.ubuntu.com/ - Automate your Cloud Infrastructure

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