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Michael Hall mhall119 at
Thu Aug 7 21:02:15 UTC 2014

Here's the link and summary for this week's Ubuntu Engineering Live!

Alan Pope provides an update on the Core Apps status, Clock reboot,
Reminders using production Evernote for syncing, and a call for more
translations help.

Benjamin Zeller from the Ubuntu SDK joins us for the first time to talk
about recent improvements to the SDK tools, additions to the UI Toolkit
components, and optimizations under the hood.

Lukasz Zemczak talked about the phone image release process, CI team
dashboard, how being in TRAINCON-0 affects the landing process, and what
changes are coming to support an RTM branch of development.

Olli Ries brought us an update on the Unity 8 development, new APIs
landing for the dash and indicators, and plans for further convergence.

Michael Hall
mhall119 at

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