Results from the 1200 UTC membership Board meeting, 2012-11-22

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Wed Nov 21 14:34:55 UTC 2012


At the November 22nd, 2012 1200 UTC meeting we welcomed three new
members to official Ubuntu membership:

* Kaj Ailomaa [1] [2] -- very active on Ubuntu Studio, and on Linux
low latency
* Lina Porras [3] [4] -- very active on the Colombian LoCo, and
studying medicine and systems engineering. While she is not
promoting Ubuntu, Linux, free software and studying... one hopes she
sleeps ;-)
* Vibhav Pant [5] [6] -- another very young addition, Vibhav is
active on the Developer Advisory Team, and is working his way into
an actual developer.

We also had Ko Ko Ye` [7] [8] as a candidate, but there were some
deficiencies in the application; as such, the RMB took an action on
itself to help Ko Ko to get his application in shape.

On behalf of the Membership Board,



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