Results from the Membership Board meeting (21 June 2012)

Iulian Udrea iulian at
Fri Jun 22 11:15:11 UTC 2012


The approval results are as follows:

Roman Yepishev

He is currently involved in the Ubuntu One project, helping with
ubuntuone-scripts, indicator-ubuntuone and some other services. He is
also one of the OpenStack testers.

Nadeen Spirit

She is one of the active members of the Egypt LoCo team. She gives talks
about Ubuntu at her college, helps people not only installing Ubuntu on
their machines but also helping them with any problems they encounter.

Nicholas Skaggs

Nicholas is one of the guys behind QA. He does loads of great stuff.

Matt Fischer

Matt is involved in triaging bugs with the Bug Squad. He also likes
writing stuff for Unity and he is one of the members of the
Accomplishments team.

Marc Cluet

Marc is a member of the Server team. He maintains mcollective* and a few
other packages. He is also an Orchestra developer.

Kurt Belgrave

Kurt is doing an awesome job with bringing Trinidad & Tobago LoCo team
back alive. He organised events and helped spread Ubuntu. He also likes
triaging bugs.

Congratulations to the above fresh Ubuntu members and keep up the good

(On behalf of the Ubuntu Membership Board)
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