Results for the Americas Regional Membership Board Meeting February 16, 2012

Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre mathieu-tl at
Sat Feb 18 04:18:00 UTC 2012

Hello everyone,

At the February 16, 2012 America's Membership meeting we welcomed
three new Members to official Ubuntu Membership!

Chris Wayne |

Chris Wayne has been instrumental to helping to bring Ubuntu to more
people through his work in the QA and Hardware Enablement teams for
Canonical. He's also very active on reddit and AskUbuntu helping users
with various technical problems, as well as reaching out to developers
who want to have their software added to Software Center.

Daniel Manrique |

Daniel is one of the nice people behind the Ubuntu Friendly project.
He also works on the checkbox package, and contributes to other
software in Ubuntu such as Ubiquity, Casper and WGet; while finding
time to answer technical questions on AskUbuntu and for the QA

Javier Lopez |

Javier is very active in the ubuntu-mx LoCo; he has participated to
Día del usario Ubuntu and has organized a Ubuntu Global Jam event in
México along with working on the translation in real time of Ubuntu
Open Week to Spanish. Also being involved in #ubuntu-es, he's
definitely one of the pillars of the Spanish-speaking community around

Congratulations to all the new members!

On behalf of the Americas Regional Membership Board

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