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Thanks for all your wishes for Kaniyam. I dedicate your wishes to the
contributors. Nowadays, articles related to FOSS in tamil are
increasing in internet. Kaniyam works in creating new tamil writers
and reaching those who dont have internet connectivity. Please share
this PDF files with your friends.

TamilNadu prouds on the visit of Richard Stallman. I invite you all to
attend his talk. Read more the pdf for details.

Kaniyam requires your contributions. Please send articles, tips,
drawings, photos, book review, fun to editor at kaniyam.com

This issue contains the following articles in Tamil:

Open Source - An Introduction
Free Open Source Software for Engineering
Typing Tool
Computer Aided Drawing
Scribus - A DTP Software
How to restore Linux after a reinstall of Windows
Request for GCompris - sound translation
Commandline tricks
Readers Voice
Foss World in February
JQuery - video classes
Richard Stallman
Free Software Foundation TamilNadu
About Kaniyam

Download it from


My Life with GNU/Linux : http://goinggnu.wordpress.com
Free/Open Source Jobs : http://fossjobs.in

Get CollabNet Subversion Edge :     http://www.collab.net/svnedge
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