Path of Wisdom: Buddha

Amit Hinduja amit.hinduja2000 at
Thu Sep 22 05:23:02 UTC 2011

Hey iPhone Lovers,

A new app has come on the app store which has pretty amazing graphics,
something you would have never seen in an iPhone Application.


Here is the direct link to the application:

or you can search for Path of Wisdom or JAP Studios on the App Store.

I just downloaded this application and found it so appealing that I thought
of sharing it with a larger community. It you go through it, your mind will
become calm for sure, so just one suggestion people, go ahead and download
it, it is worth it. If you like do leave a comment and a rating, the
developers promise to bring an update depending on the reviews they get.

I am very touched by this application which is the reason, I am stressing
more to download it, it is definitely worth a try and the big thing, it
costs only 99 cents which I am sure anyone and everyone can afford.
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