Results from the June 7th EMEA Membership Board Meeting

David Rubin davidrub at
Sun Jun 12 20:56:57 UTC 2011

Hello Everyone,

The approval results from the June 7th EMEA Membership meeting are
as follows:

Elias Epirotes |
Elias has been very involved in the Ubuntu  Greek community for the past few
years. He is a moderator on the Greek forums and is an active member of the
#ubuntu-gr comunity he is also an active translator.

Savvas Radevic  |
Savvas has also been involved for quite some time in the Ubuntu Greek
comunity focusing his efforts on forums helping people with "with real
people and real problems"

Victor Tuson Palau |
Victor currently works at Canonical on the Ubuntu Certified program.  He is
also very involved in the Ubuntu Friendly program. He also spends his time
blogging about Ubuntu and Ubuntu related things.

Dario Cavedon |
Dario is involved in the Italian community and is a driving force for
Ubuntu-it. He also contributes in the forms of translations and bug reports.
He also is one of the admins that keep the Italian loco website going.

Congratulations and welcome to these new members!

Also a special thanks to Nathan Handler for helping us out for this meeting.

David Rubin
On Behalf of the EMEA Membership Board
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