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= 2011-02-17 Meeting Minutes =

== Old Business ==

 * Old business - all
  * Xubuntu marketing plans - carried forward
   * shimmer project to move items pertaining to Xubuntu to
  * We need to start either a ML item or webpage item for marketing

== Team updates ==

=== Packaging & Development ===

 * More syncs from debian experimental
 * Updated xfce4-session and tumbler to the latest upstream releases
 * More bugfixes/improvements for xubuntu-default-settings (Bug #79053,
   Bug #718177, mostly menu tuning, feedback welcome!)
  * Launchpad bug 79053 in xfdesktop "Network menu entry is confusing
   (Xubuntu)" [Unknown,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/79053
  * Launchpad bug 718177 in xubuntu-default-settings (Ubuntu) "The
   current Xubuntu menu hides too many entries" [Undecided,Fix
   released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/718177
 * Uploaded update-notifier to fix restarting with 4.8 (Bug #716905)
  * Launchpad bug 716905 in update-notifier (Ubuntu Natty) "[Xubuntu]
   Unable to restart" [Medium,Fix released]
 * Fixed a few plugins to work with the new panel
   (xfce4-weather-plugin, xfce4-timer-plugin).
 * some bugs reported for the integration with ubiquity
 * ochosi is working hard on making gmusicbrowser final for natty,
   should be ready next week before the freeze 
=== Bug Triage & Testing ===

 * This week we tested the iso images for 10.04.2. There are no issues
   blocking release.
 * We need some testers and a new testing lead, if anyone is interested
 * We need to have some more people looking at Natty, so we can get the
   feedback to mr_pouit and ochosi in time for any changes needed.
  * We have Natty Alpha3 coming out in two weeks.
=== Website & Marketing ===

 * Suggestion from ochosi - it would be great if the first page would
   show the slideshow that is shown during installation.
 * it was also suggested that we make the news items more interesting,
   get more creative with something like "alpha 3 released - now with
   shiny chromium theme!"
 * ochosi to write an article about artwork for publication as news on
 * ask knome to do some drafts with a grey background and a black
 * submit an RT to Canonical for wordpress
 * knome is to set up a tele-conference of some type to discuss
 * alpha3 will have all the artwork and theme changes

=== Artwork ===

 * we need someone to update the slideshows displayed during the
   installation, they are badly outdated (they were made for karmic or
 * knome can update the technical parts, if provided with natty

=== Discuss panel launchers for natty ===

 * after some discussion, the following was presented: Default panel
   launchers to be
  * Desktop | Browser Email Musicplayer Terminal Abiword SoftwareCenter
   Appfinder | Folders

== Updates for Xubuntu 10.04.2 ==

 * Xubuntu 10.04.2 will be released on 2011-12-17

== Announcements ==

 * Xfce is starting on 4.10 now, to be ready in January 2012.
  * It will include Accessibility built in, if it goes according to plan
  * if it stays on schedule - ready for LTS release in April 2012

== Any Other Business ==

 * Next meeting is in one week, Frebruary 24, #ubuntu-meeting, at 19:00
   | Meeting log]]
 * proposal we take up the strategy document starting in three weeks, a
   bit at a time, the meeting of March 10.

== Action items for the 2011-02-10 meeting ==

 * ochosi and knome will put together some logo designs to be discussed
   as the menu icon
 * ochosi and mr_pouit will change panel launchers to generic icons
 * ochosi to write an article about artwork due for news on website

== Action items for the 2011-02-17 meeting ==

 * shimmer project to move items pertaining to Xubuntu to
 * knome is to set up a tele-conference of some type to discuss
 * find someone to update the slideshow

== Carried Forward ==

Please see the [[https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/Xubuntu_2010-01-10
| previous log]]

=== Xubuntu Governance ===

 * The governancy part of the current Strategy Document can be found at
   [[Xubuntu/StrategyDocument#Xubuntu Governance & Team Structure]]
 * The Xubuntu project will advance towards a Council-based governance

=== The Xubuntu Council ===

 * The Council size should be 5 members, with one of them being the PL.
 * PL will have a vote in every voting in the Council, not just as a
 * The 4 members in the Council in addition to the PL should be
   selected by the existing Xubuntu Contributors.
 * The appropriate Team Lead can be the tiebreaker in a vote, but only
   if PL is absent.
 * The council should *aim* to have balanced membership across the
   different aspects/teams of Xubuntu.
 * The council should be named/selected after every LTS release. Thus,
   every season lasts for 2 years.

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