Full Circle #56 - out NOW!

Ronnie Tucker ronnie at ronnietucker.co.uk
Sun Dec 25 18:11:20 UTC 2011

Full Circle
Issue #56

Full Circle - the independent magazine for the Ubuntu Linux community 
are proud to announce the release of our fifty-sixth issue.

This month:
* Command and Conquer.
* How-To : Make 11.10 Look 'Classic', LibreOffice - Part 10, Backup 
Strategy - Part 4, Persistent USB Stick, and Connect To IRC.
* Linux Lab - Xbox Media Centre.
* Review - Puppy Linux.
* I Think - Would you attend a monthly FCM meeting on IRC?
* Closing Windows - Moving, copying & deleting files
plus: more Ubuntu Games, My Desktop (and an extra!), My Opinion, My 
Story, and much much more!

Get it while it's hot!


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