Please Welcome Achim Behrens as the Newest Ubuntu IRC Member

Nathan Handler nhandler at
Thu Aug 4 22:16:26 UTC 2011

Hello everyone,

The Ubuntu IRC Council is pleased to welcome Achim Behrens as the
newest Ubuntu IRC Member.

Achim Behrens |

Achim has been doing some great work in the German support and
offtopic IRC channels. He has advanced from giving support to serving
as an operator to being asked to serve as a superop. We hope to see
him continue with this great work, as he plays an essential role in
keeping the channels running smoothly.

A transcript of the meeting where Achim was questioned is available
[1], but the vote was done privately following the meeting (due to
lack of quorum).

Please join me in welcoming Achim as our newest Ubuntu Member!

Nathan Handler
On behalf of the Ubuntu IRC Council


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