Results from the April 21st Americas Membership Board Meeting

Penelope Stowe pendulum at
Fri Apr 22 01:54:08 UTC 2011

Hello everyone,

The approval results from the April 21st Americas Membership meeting
are as follows:

Kate Stewart |

Kate is the current Release Manager for Ubuntu where she manages (with
the rest of the release team) Ubuntu development and LTS releases. As
part of this role she holds weekly release meetings, works to manage
image building and publishing, and coordinates the formation of
release notes. She is also the co-chair of the SPDX working group,
which is developing a standard way to exchange copyright and licensing
information that can be shared, and is involved in Project Harmony.

Tiago Hillebrandt |

Tiago has been using Ubuntu for 5 years and is currently studying
Information Systems at university. He is active in the Ubuntu Brazil
LoCo, works on the Brazilian Portugese translations, and does support
for Brazilian Ubuntu users. He is the point of contact for the Ubuntu
Santa Catarina LoCo, as well. He plans to try to get more people using
and working on Ubuntu and continue to work on translations.

Charlene Tessier |

Charlene has worked hard at marketing Ubuntu to the outside world as
part of the Vancouver LoCo Team. During the summer she runs a booth
for the LoCo team at the Vancouver Farmers Market. She has also worked
on documentation including a New Users Resource Guide to the Ubuntu
Vancouver LoCo and the Master Social Networking with Gwibber guide.

Wuilmer Bolívar |

Wuilmer is a member of the Ubuntu Venezuala LoCo team where he has
participated in events both offline and online and helped give support
to other members. He also works on translations and promoting Ubuntu
when possible. He was also involved in the Podcast Ubuntu-ve, when it
was running.

John Johansen |

John works on the Ubuntu Kernel Team and is a developer on the
AppArmor project. He has been involved in the Ubuntu community since
Gutsy. He has also worked on the Ubuntu EC2 kernal and has been
hacking on ARM based platforms using Ubuntu.

Julian Bohorquez |

Julian has participated in many events with the Ubuntu Columbia LoCo.
He also works on translations and bug management. He has created
Spanish language guides and tutorials for how to use Mailing Lists,
Ubuntu, and other free software related topics. He is planning on
getting involved with the Ubuntu Columbia HackLab and continue his
work both on Ubuntu specifically and on free software events in

Congratulations and welcome to these new members!

~Penelope Stowe

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