Results from the 31-AUG-2010 Asia-Oceania Membership Board Meeting

Matthew Lye matthew.lye at
Wed Sep 1 09:23:16 BST 2010

The approval results from the May 28th Asia-Oceanic Membership meeting are
as follows:

Allan 'Wers' Caeg

Wers is a member of the Philippine Open Source Network where he organises
Ubuntu release parties and is part of the Gnome Asia Committee.
He is currently focused on one sabfls pet projects; Ayatana-UX which works
on improving Ubuntu's design direction.

Ryan 'nisshh' Macnish

Nissh is an active member of a pile of teams; Ubuntu Manual, Ubuntu
Developer Manual, Bugsquad, and is part of the BugSquat Mentoring team. Rick
Spencer is looking forward to his continued improvements to the Ubuntu
Developers Manual and PyTask!
We look forward to seeing what more Nissh has planned.

Welcome to all of our new members!

The Asia-Oceania board will shortly be announcing a request for applications
for more board members, stay tuned for an email to go out to Ubuntu members
shortly. We will especially be looking for new members in the UTC +5-6 area
that will be available for meetings at around 7-8pm local time.

Secretary for the Asia-Oceania RMB
-Matthew Lye

 Leadership is responsibility, not privilege, Action, not position,
Guidance, not knowledge, and outcome, not disposition.
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