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Thu Nov 4 02:15:07 GMT 2010

As expected, when Microsoft came into scene of
(Unique Identification Authority of India), the whole platform of UIDAI had
been built around Windows. This forces use of propitiatory & non-free
Windows operating system in tracking the whole Indian population.

This indeed is a big gain for M$ as this would earn a big fortune by sales
of thousands of Microsoft Windows licenses. And even worse, our tax becomes
a cash cow for MS due to the resulting infrastructure's continuous and long
term dependency on Microsoft Technologies (We all know the cost of support &
upgradation from M$). It would also propel further use of  Propitiatory/M$
technologies & slow down the adoption of Free Software.

Migration to a free platform (Eg linux) later is not quiet practical.
Development with Windows in mind makes a lot of difference for migration
since the technologies used to build the infrastructure is not open &
portable. Also the hardware equipments like biometric scanners seem to be
Windows only devices (they relay on some Windows specific features to do
their job). The security of such a system is also an issue of major concern.
Windows is targeted by 99% of virus & malwares.

So a project of such high costs cannot be closed source and under the
control of some private foreign companies. Although voices from
been protesting this, general public(the tax payers) seems to be
unaware and silent about this. Spread the word
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