Results from the May 28, 2010 Americas Membership Board Meeting

Mackenzie Morgan macoafi at
Fri May 28 03:17:48 BST 2010

The approval results from the May 28th Americas Membership
meeting are as follows:

Manoj Iyer

Manoj has been an Ubuntu user since Warty.  He's been working on the Ubuntu 
kernel for a few years now and is responsible for the new hardware testing 
tools released over the last year.  Outside of his work on the kernel, he's 
involved in the Texas LoCo team.

David Tomaschik

David has been very active in Georgia both as an organiser of Atlanta 
LinuxFest (and its UbuCon) and now as the Georgia LoCo Team leader.  He's also 
been working with BugSquad both as a triager and in a developer capacity 
writing patches.  When he's not doing those, he's converting new users.

Pete Graner

Pete's been working on Ubuntu since Hardy and managing the kernel team since 
the start of the Intrepid release cycle and by all accounts done a great job 
of it.  When he's not busy traveling for work or traveling to speak at 
LinuxFests around the US, he spends some time with the North Carolina LoCo.

Welcome to all of our new members!

Mackenzie Morgan
apt-get moo

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