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Article Title: Interview with Mark Shuttleworth, Founder, Canonical and
Ubuntu Linux
Source: InformationWeek India -
Author: Srikanth RP

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Having earned the distinction of becoming the first African to take a flight
into space, Mark Shuttleworth undertook a voyage into another unchartered
territory. He started the Ubuntu Linux project, with a goal to creating a
high-quality desktop and server OS. ‘Ubuntu’—named after an African word
which means ‘humanity to others’—has since then become the most popular
GNU/Linux distribution. Ubuntu Linux has been positioned as a platform for
the masses rather than being confined to the specialists.

Mark Shuttleworth, Founder, Canonical and Ubuntu Linux shared his thoughts
with Srikanth RP on the increasing significance of open source, the roadmap
for the cloud and why he thinks Ubuntu will succeed on the desktop, where
other equally famed competitors have failed.

*From an era when open source faced a lot of antagonism, now even
competitors are opening up their code. How do you see this shift in terms of
the future of IT?**
* I have no doubt in my mind that open source represents the future of the
software industry. This can be clearly seen from the number of customer
engagements involving Linux, and from the backing of huge companies such as
IBM and Oracle. Even Microsoft today has backed away from its earlier rigid
stance. The driver is clearly the success of open source. Today, end-user
companies are skeptical of those companies that suggest that open source
does not encourage innovation.

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