1st Annual Ubuntu Women Project "How I discovered Ubuntu." International Women's Day Competition Winners announced

Amber Graner akgraner at gmail.com
Tue Mar 9 04:46:28 GMT 2010

[insert fig. 1]March 8, 2010  - 1st Annual Ubuntu Women Project "How I
discovered Ubuntu." International Women's Day [1] Competition[Insert
fig 2]

The Competition [2] which was announced back in January, asked women
and girls who use Ubuntu to submit their "How I discovered Ubuntu"
stories. We as a Project acknowledge that there is no one definite
answer to "How do you get women to use Ubuntu?", but wanted a way to
highlight some of the various ways that women become Ubuntu users,
contributors, and developers and at the same time not only have those
stories as examples but also as a growing gift of encouragement and
inspiration to women.

In order for events/competitions to be successful it takes community
participation, and a heart felt thank you to all those who
participated by submitting their personal "How I discovered Ubuntu."
stories, those who took the time to vote, those who helped promote,
and those who supported this initiative as well as offer encouragement
to those might not have submitted their stories otherwise. I am
grateful for everyone involved in the Ubuntu Women Project and greater
Ubuntu Community as a whole who are continually helping to provide
both the platform and encouragement for women to contribute to Ubuntu.

The winners of an awesome prize pack [insert fig 3] are: Elvira
Martinez and Karen Y. Perez with honorable mention going to Jen
Phillips as well. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Here are there stories:

***Elvira Martinez "tatica1" ***

Today my Honduran team mate Diego Turcios shared with me this link to
Amber’s blog that excited me to finally write about how I met Ubuntu.
I wanted to share this a while ago but I feel motivated about doing it
through Ubuntu-women and not just for the sole interest in
participating in the contest. I think it will be very interesting to
hear how other women became interested in Ubuntu and others may be
interested in my experience, specially considering that I am not the
“computer girl” precisely.

After nearly 20 years after my high school graduation in Colombia
Lycée Français Paul Valery, I found again one of my classmates through
Facebook (I guess) Fabian Rodriguez known as MagicFab who after asking
him what he was doing today, he mentioned Ubuntu as part of his
activities. And I say activities, because Ubuntu is much more than an
operating system.

I’ve always liked the world of computer science and unfortunately that
was not what I studied, but I learned on my own how to manage, fix,
clean my home machines. I could say that the world of computers is my
passion and when Fabian told me about this, I knew it was no fluke.

I remember the first thing I said was: Ubuntu what?? How do you eat
that?? And then after a brief speach about it and some information he
sent to me to read on the subject, dropped his usual phrase, “If you
want to install it, I can help you do it now”. Well, two days later, I
was harrassing Fabian to help me install Ubuntu after a bunch of
questions I had.

Some of my concerns were:

1. If I would be able to use MSN and Skype with camera and audio included.

2. My biggest question was if I could run iTunes on the computer (tool
my daughters and my husband use).

3. If Windows had to be removed to use Ubuntu.

4. If I’ll have Office, PowerPoint or Excel with Ubuntu also and if
so, would be so easy to use as those.

5. If I was going to be able to install Ubuntu alone, long distance
with Fabian’s instructions.

Well, the day I gave a YES myself to Ubuntu, began with a phone call
from Fabian from Canada. After downloading into my own computer some
files, we start by checking whether they were good and then install
it. I remember Fabian told me, don’t install it yet first test it.
Then after his explanations that I could partition the computer and
leave Windows intact but also have Ubuntu too I said “Let’s do it and
install it now”. And so it was, on the phone, with his help, that I
installed for the first time in one of my computers Hardy 8.04 and
some months later in another Ubuntu 8.10.

When he finally said, “Take a last click and you’re done, finished,” I
could not believe it!! First, I had allowed to risk to install another
operating system on my computer and two, that I had done through
instructions by telephone. That meant that it could be do so easily!
That’s how my story began with Ubuntu in June 2008 : D

Months later I bought an Acer Aspire One that came with Linpus and my
next challenge was to install Ubuntu on it. It was a laptop (and not a
desktop) and needed a version for netbooks so I tried first to fight
with LPIA platform with which I ended up frustrated because after
installing it did not work and gave me error. Then it was new to me to
download an ISO file to my laptop and also install it throught a USB.
I think it was two weeks without my computer, sweating and suffering,
but with some help of several friends of the Honduran community I
finally had Ubuntu on my Acer. I remember I installed 8.10 version
which gave me enough slow problems on my laptop, but when I upgraded
to 9.10, I was sooo happy;)

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