Results from the July 22nd America's Membership Board meeting

Nathan Handler nhandler at
Fri Jul 23 04:08:39 BST 2010

The approval results from the July 22nd Americas Membership meeting are
as follows:

Matthew Byers |

Matthew is an active helper on both the Ubuntu forums and on IRC. He is also a
member of the Ubuntu Beginners Team and is working towards becoming a member of
the Ubuntu Bug Control team. His motto is to break everything to learn it, and
he is always trying to expand his knowledge of different applications.

David Sugar |

Besides his many technical contributions to ubuntu, David has been a
very active
member of the community. He has been very active in helping to plan
and organize
the Lubuntu team and Lubuntu events. In addition, he helped acquire community
support for the Asterisk blueprint and brought together the original 389 team.
David also has an interest in making Ubuntu better for blind users and
in bringing
computing to indigenous communities in North America.

Due to various issues that took place at our July 15th meeting, the
board processed
and approved David Sugar's application on the Mailing List.

Please join me in welcoming these great new Ubuntu Members!

Nathan Handler

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