Results from the January 20th America's Membership Review Board Meeting

Greg Grossmeier greg at
Fri Jan 22 03:35:49 GMT 2010

The approval results from the July 15th Americas Membership meeting
are as follows:

Diego Turcios |

Diego is currently acting as the team contact for the Honduras LoCo team. 
Diego has also contributed to many events in Honduras including FLISOL, 
Ubuntu Global Bug Jam, two release parties, and many more. He is also a 
member of the Spanish Translators team and Beginner's team.

José Ernesto Dávila Pantoja |

José is a member of the Nicaraguan LoCo team where he helps administer 
both the IRC channel and mailing list. He has given many presentations at 
conferences such as FLISOL and other events including the first event 
organized by the Nicaraguan LoCo team.

Allen Dye |

Allen is a active member of the Ubuntu Forums where he spends much of his 
time providing support to other users. And he has provided a lot of it; 
3600 posts in the last 10 months. His support work does not end at the 
Forum; he is also active on Launchpad Answers and is working towards 
becoming a member of the Ubuntu Answers team.

Sergio Andres Meneses Echavéz |

Sergio is a member of the Colombian LoCo team where he a member of the 
team council and support team. He helped organize and execute th Ubuntu 
Global Bug Jam in Colombia and has also worked with such events as FLISOL 
and Free Software Symposium.

Victor Vargas |

Victor is a member of the Chilean LoCo team and has been active within 
the team by doing training events on bug triage. Additionally, he is 
working on HUUF, Help Ubuntu Users in Forums, which will help users 
provide useful information about their computes to those who are trying 
to help.

Cristian Barahona G. |

Cristian is another member of the Chilean LoCo team and is on their LoCo 
council along with being its team contact. He was one of the creators of 
FUCH, which is the precursor to HUUF. He has also been active in the 
community by presenting at and working booths at conferences.

Jamal Fanaian |

Jamal is a member of the Florida US LoCo team where he has attended many 
events Bug and Packaging Jams, release parties, and other meetups. He has 
been working with the Ubuntu Learning team and has contributed code to 
Launchpad. He has also submitted patches to Gwibber and created 
GrooveNotify, which integrates Grooveshark with the Ubuntu notification 

Please join me in welcoming these great new Ubuntu members!

|       Greg Grossmeier |
| |

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