YouTube 2.0 imminent? Vote for HTML5 open video

Danny Piccirillo danny.piccirillo at
Tue Jan 12 21:32:40 GMT 2010

Vote link (requires Google login):

<>And the following may be seen as
self-promotion which you may ignore if you think so.

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My blog post<>

> YouTube hasn't changed much since it was first acquired by Google in 2006,
> but YouTube 2.0<>might
> finally be arriving as according to their blog<>,
> "spring cleaning" is coming early for them. Funny how this announcement
> comes shortly after they revised the terms<> of
> the On2 merger. They're opening up for ideas and i hope you'll take the
> time to vote <> (requires Google
> Account login) for HTML5 support with open formats as well as ending the
> one-channel-per-user paradigm. The blog post seems to be focusing on just
> fixing what's broken, but i hope to see a lot more from them. I can sense a
> subtle hinting towards greater changes, so this could very well be an
> exciting development!


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