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Hi all,

(meant to send this to the list sooner but I've been swamped)

The Ubuntu Women Project maintains a wiki with all the UW team members
who have been interviewed for Full Circle Magazine and I believe those
are already in the process of being added to the Fridge.

For the LoCo team interviews I have a google doc set up with the
approved US Teams on it and some questions to ask the Leader(s) of
those teams. The USTeams goal is to start with March adding these to
the website.  It would be easy to add all the approved LoCo teams to
that list and work on that from the LoCo perspective. Then we can just
add those to the Fridge as well. I know I read that some folks are
interested in helping with these interviews and I can share the doc
with you. (I will be traveling tomorrow through Monday the 22nd and
will be checking email and IRC occassional during that time, so it
would be after Tuesday the 23rd before I could get it to you)

The "Behind The Fests" and "People, Personalities and Planners" series
I can make a list of who has been interviewed there as well.

I'd be happy to add the MOTU people to the spreadsheet as well if it
would make it easy to have all these in one location or I can just
share the spreadsheet I have with someone who wants to add to it or
take the info from it and put it on a wiki.

I won't be able to realistically get anything to anyone until next
week.  I don't know if this would help, but if you all think it would
make it easier for folks to help with the Ubuntu Interview series idea
for The Fridge just let me know and I'll consolidate and share the
interview spreadsheets I use.

:-) Thanks!  Amber

On 2/17/10, Daniel Holbach <daniel.holbach at ubuntu.com> wrote:
> On 17.02.2010 03:40, Nathan Handler wrote:
>> I went ahead a few weeks ago and created a page [1] like this. I
>> pulled questions from some of the interview series that have been
>> conducted. I also created a tips section to hold some tips for people
>> conducting interviews. Amber Graner has already gone ahead and
>> contributed some questions/tips to this page. I am sorry for not
>> sending a reply mentioning this page, it completely slipped my mind.
>> Nathan
>> [1] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Interviews/Questions
> That's an awesome start.
> How do you suggest we go about running this initiative? Ask future
> "Ubuntu Interviewers" to sign up for the ubuntu-news-team list and
> discuss future interviews and interviewees there? Maybe keep a list of
> planned interviews on the wiki? Shall we go and 'announce the plan' on
> blogs or something?
> I personally found that I'm much too busy to be running the Behind MOTU
> interviews and would be happy for those interviews to live on the Fridge
> in some specific category instead.
> Have a great day,
>  Daniel
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