About UWN and translation stats

YoBoY yoboy-leguesh at ubuntu.com
Tue Aug 10 20:18:01 BST 2010

Dear newsers,

I begin this letter with a big thanks to all of you for the great work 
you are doing every weeks.

I'm taking the time today to talk to you to ask how are you doing the 
translation stats, and what this stat want to show to the community. 
Every weeks we can see the same languages, and every weeks we can see 
the English is the first translated language ... what ? are we not 
translating from English ?

Well this stat only show us I presume in which language Ubuntu is best 
localized, and this hall of fame never change. Not really a good stat in 
this way for me. I think we can provide better informations like which 
language had the most translated strings in one month or one week, and 
only put this best localized stat once a month.



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