I blog about Ubuntu Linux - can I request a review for inclusion of my content on The Fridge

David Hart thinkhard at gmail.com
Wed Apr 28 01:03:26 BST 2010


I blog about Ubuntu Linux at
http://www.kzenpragmaticist.org/search/label/Ubuntu (my most recent entry is
quoted below).

Can I / how do I request a review for inclusion of my content on The Fridge?



>  Why Ubuntu Linux will WIN<http://www.kzenpragmaticist.org/2010/04/why-ubuntu-linux-will-win.html>(2010-04-28)

*NB: this is NOT in a zero-sum game, so the term 'win' must be taken in that
> context!*
> *IMO: Mark Shuttleworth thoroughly noodled out last year *exactly *how and
> why Canonical is NOT competing directly with Microsoft; rather, as Linas
> Torvals commented in 2003,"*Really, I'm not out to destroy Microsoft. That
> will just be a completely unintentional side effect,"* Shuttleworth
> figured out that Canonical's best strategy is to **out-Apple Apple*.

> So, Why will Ubuntu Linux *WIN*? *(5-year horizon win)***
> Steve Jobs is a dying lunatic (sure, he's a genius but, as history teaches
> us, lunacy and genius are NOT mutally exclusive), while Mark Shuttleworth is
> a young, healty and imminently rational super-achiever on a mission. Not to
> mention that this super-achiever leads a flock of thousands of opensource
> developers  (plus others) dedicated to the success of Ubuntu Linux, while
> the lunatic tries to hold together an over-supervised staff that live in
> fear. NB: this is *CLSASSIC* Bazaar vs Cathredal stuff.
> Mind you, I have NO doubt that Apple will continue to see record profits
> AND grow its marketshare year-on-year for the forseable future.
> But, so will Canonical (with, in my estimation, Ubuntu achieving
> marketshare parity with OS X within 5 years); it is THIS suprise market
> disruption will be Microsoft's undoing.
> *Ubuntu Linux: Mac 'for the rest of us'*
  Posted by David Hart  at 9:15
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