Notice of Proposed Action: Major Fridge Change

Michael Lustfield mtecknology at
Thu Apr 22 00:23:18 BST 2010

> ** Not for posting YET on the Fridge but you can blog/dent about it **
> Hi Gang,
> The Fridge is hosted on Drupal today.
> We've consistently had "issues" with Drupal.  That's not a statement
> about the software, just about how it works with our setup and needs
> (not to mention the learning curve).
> Canonical is slowing moving away from Drupal.
> There is a Drupal to Wordpress migration path that will preserve
> Drupal nodes as Wordpress posts.  Wordpress will have the OpenID
> module already so access will still be based off the Fridge team.
> And, key for me, it will be significantly easier to maintain and use.
> Ultimately I think we need: 1) a link to the calendar, 2) a way for
> people to submit stories (right now just a page that says email this
> list), 3) rss feed for the forums,, chumby, etc, and 4) a
> way to blog with attachments and links.  Wordpress can do this.
> I've tentatively scheduled this work to happen in May with a projected
> deployment date of May 20th, 2010.  It will have a Lucid theme.
> Please speak up NOW if you see problems or want to highlight anything
> we need to pay particular attention to.
> Joey
> ps. After Lucid and the Fridge Drupal to WP migration starts then I
> feel comfortable making a formal announcement.

Well... I guess in my opinion the beauty of Drupal is that it lets you do
absolutely whatever you want. Since the Fridge is almost entirely a blog style
news feed you don't need that flexibility.

What I'm curious about it 'Canonical is slowing moving away from Drupal.' Are
you guys really moving away from Drupal completely? I have a hard time seeing
you guys replace or with Wordpress.

I'm also curious what issues you have been having with Drupal. I know a few
little insignificant things. If you're having issues that are 'open' then I
would be willing to lend my time if it would save you that effort- granted I'm
guessing you have most of the hard work with the migration done already.

Michael Lustfield
Kalliki Software

Network and Systems Administrator

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