Fridge Editors: Expiring Membership

Matthew East mdke at
Tue Apr 20 16:59:23 BST 2010

Hi Joey,

On Tue, Apr 20, 2010 at 4:43 PM, Joey Stanford <joey at> wrote:
> Hi,
>>> Isn't this the sort of statement that should be made as a result of
>>> discussion and consensus in the team?
> In my view, absolutely not, which is why I went forward with it as the
> team owner in LP.  If the Fridge was not hosted on Canonical servers
> then it wouldn't matter to me as much as it does now.  If something
> where to happen to the Fridge, I would be the one held responsible.

There is quite a lot which I find objectionable in this statement.
First, the concept of ownership is never a particularly healthy one to
bring out in conversations like this. It has an unfortunate "top down"
flavour that does not sit well with a community. In the Ubuntu
community, people don't actually "own" teams. Second, while I can
quite see that a team would be responsible for the content of a server
that is provided to it by Canonical, and I can also see that a team
can and should work with the Canonical sysadmins to overcome any
particular security concerns, it's not correct to say that an
individual has personal responsibility for a security vulnerability if
one occurs.

(Not that this change relates in any way to a real security
vulnerability, it's just a question of making sure the list of
Launchpad members is an up to date reflection of who wishes to
continue to participate in the team. I don't think anyone is
suggesting that any of the current unexpired team members represent a
threat to security.)

> Frankly I cannot understand anyone who thinks that normal security
> precautions which have absolutely no bearing on participating can
> think this needs to be decided in a committee.

But this does have an affect on participation. It is a change in the
policy for membership in the team. And this is a community team.

As I said, I agree with the actual proposal. I just would have
preferred that it had been framed as a proposal.

Matthew East
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