Notice of Proposed Action: Major Fridge Change

John Crawford johnc4510 at
Wed Apr 14 22:44:33 BST 2010

This is great news. Being a drupal admin. myself, I know the problems
you can run into with it. I also use Wordpress for my personal blog and
it is very easy to maintain and add features to.

As to how we go about having folks submit stories without emailing the
list, I'm not sure. I suppose we could have a quay that holds the
stories for approval by the fridge editors.?? 

In addition to a rss feed to the forums, which is automatic, we need a
way to feed the Planet. We do this now by choosing the Planet in the
Topic choices.  

The only other thing I can think of off the top of my head is the
ability to embed video on the page from an another source. This should
be just adding the video plugin to Wordpress.


On Wed, 2010-04-14 at 09:19 -0600, Joey Stanford wrote:
> ** Not for posting YET on the Fridge but you can blog/dent about it **
> Hi Gang,
> The Fridge is hosted on Drupal today.
> We've consistently had "issues" with Drupal.  That's not a statement
> about the software, just about how it works with our setup and needs
> (not to mention the learning curve).
> Canonical is slowing moving away from Drupal.
> There is a Drupal to Wordpress migration path that will preserve
> Drupal nodes as Wordpress posts.  Wordpress will have the OpenID
> module already so access will still be based off the Fridge team.
> And, key for me, it will be significantly easier to maintain and use.
> Ultimately I think we need: 1) a link to the calendar, 2) a way for
> people to submit stories (right now just a page that says email this
> list), 3) rss feed for the forums,, chumby, etc, and 4) a
> way to blog with attachments and links.  Wordpress can do this.
> I've tentatively scheduled this work to happen in May with a projected
> deployment date of May 20th, 2010.  It will have a Lucid theme.
> Please speak up NOW if you see problems or want to highlight anything
> we need to pay particular attention to.
> Joey
> ps. After Lucid and the Fridge Drupal to WP migration starts then I
> feel comfortable making a formal announcement.

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