Regional Membership Boards: Restaffing

Jonathan Carter (highvoltage) jonathan at
Wed Apr 14 21:48:16 BST 2010

Hi Daniel

On 08/04/2010 17:28, Daniel Holbach wrote:
> To nominate yourself or somebody else, please send a mail to the board
> you are nominating yourself for (ubuntu-membership-board-emea,
> ubuntu-membership-board-asia-oceania or ubuntu-membership-board-americas
> at Try to explain your nomination. There is still
> time for nominations until Fri 23rd April 2010 12 UTC. All nominations
> will be forwarded to the Community Council who will make the final decision.

A member of my loco group mentioned to me that he's planning to run for 
the EMEA Membership Board, and I realised that we haven't received any 
nominations yet. I checked and the membership-boards 
lists aren't advertised there. I'm sure that most of the enthusiastic 
candidates will click on another list and just do a replace in the URL, 
but if they follow your instructions above some might be a bit confused 
and end up not making a nomination.

Perhaps it would be best to provide the e-mail addresses to the boards? 
This also serves as a reminder to existing members to re-apply if 
they're still willing :)


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