Launchpad 3.0

John Crawford johnc4510 at
Sun Sep 20 09:39:58 BST 2009


No problem, I've included it in the new issue of the UWN. I referenced 
Launchpad Blog for more info to be gotten the first of next week.


Matthew Revell wrote:
> Howdy,
> We're launching version 3.0 of Launchpad next week. Our announcement
> will take the form of blog posts on the Launchpad blog and a press
> release.
> Launchpad 3.0 introduces a new user interface and, clearly, that will
> affect many in the Ubuntu community. While the new UI itself is
> straightforward and not a million miles from what we have now, I'd
> like to get the word out to the Ubuntu community about the new LP
> version.
> Would you be able to help us get the word out by using UWN and The Fridge?

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