Asia Oceania Membership Board - 27 Oct 09, Meeting results

ramadasan amachu at
Thu Oct 29 02:31:45 GMT 2009


We have Aron Xu, of Ubuntu Chinese LoCo Team as new Ubuntu Member
following the Asia Oceania Membership Board meeting on 27 Oct 09. Aron
Xu has been contributing to Simplified Chinese Transalations & is now an
active member of Ubuntu Translations Coordinator Team. More about Aron
Xu and his contributions at

We also have Zhengpeng Hou, the Chinese LoCo Team Contact, as new member
of Asia Oceania membership board as Board member of Asia Oceania
Membership Board. We thank Community Council for approving his
inclusion. More about Zhengpeng Hou at

Our next meeting is scheduled on 10 Nov 2009 at 10.00 UTC.


Sri Ramadoss M

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