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Wed Nov 25 04:17:36 GMT 2009

Hi there. This is my first story submission so I hope this is
appropriate. The Maryland Loco team is starting a new project that we
are calling 'The State Tour'. If the following blurb could be included
in the newsletter to gain some publicity for this it would be
appreciated. As I'm not a professional (an am barely an amateur) writer
please feel free to correct grammar, punctuation, etc if needed.

If you want or need more info please feel free to contact me. Thanks in

The Maryland Ubuntu Local Community Team has started a new project
called “The State Tour”. 

The goal of this project is to go to a different parts of the state that
are not close enough to our group's center to participate in person.
Currently the plan is once a month we will visit an area that is 45
minutes or further from our current meeting spot in Columbia, MD. We
will go out and meet the people that are interested in Ubuntu and F/OSS
in different places. We hope to set a starting point for Ubuntu
sub-teams in the areas we visit. 

Additionally we will be trying to hold these meetings at least partially
in areas that we can give a presentation to the general public. Within
the presentations we will teach about Ubuntu, Linux and F/OSS in

The first Tour stop will be in Finksburg, MD at the local library on
December 5th from 9:30am until 11:30am. Among the plans for the visit

The main presentation about Ubuntu
A few demo machines so people can touch and feel an ubuntu machine
Free Ubuntu CDs
If a person brings a flash drive with 1gb or more of free space we'll
create a LiveUSB disk for them!
And the best part, Meeting New Friends!

For more details please visit

Chuck Frain 
GPG Key: B2420431

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