Results from the November 18th, 2009 America's Membership Board Meeting - Live at UDS edition

Martin Albisetti beuno at
Thu Nov 19 05:36:55 GMT 2009

After an incredibly productive meeting with most of the board members
sitting in the same room, the following contributors were accepted as
Ubuntu Members at our meeting this evening:

Luis Lopez works as an independent IT consultant in Canada, after a
period in Canonical as a Sales Engineer. He is very active and helped
setting up the Colombian LoCo, as well as other advocacy work in
Colombia. Luis is also very active in bug reporting in Ubuntu. His
future plans involve providing feedback to the Ubuntu project about
enterprise desktop requirements to increase adoption, and helping
non-technical users to participate in the project.

Mathieu Trudel I is a system/networks administrator for a
moderate-sized internet firm on the south shore of Montreal. He has
done quite a bit of work on NetworkManager, and has provided fixed to
a wide variety of bugs in Ubuntu. However, his amazing work in the
Ubuntu-QC LoCo and organization of release parties is what made us
proud to have him as a new member.

Juan Marquez Ruiz is a systems engineer, telecommunications engineer
and software developer from Colombia. Juan has contributed heavily to
the Ubuntu forums, is a very active member in the Colombian LoCo team,
as well as promoting Ubuntu in local newspapers and organizing
install-fests. His application came with many enthusiastic

Guillermo Lisi is a system administrator and applications programmer
in commercial enterprises, and has been contributing to Ubuntu for
over 2 years. His focus has been on the Argentinian LoCo team, with an
enormous effort in moderating the forums and walking new people
through the philosophy and spirit of the Ubuntu community. He has also
help organize countless events, and his application came with an
amazing set of fans.

Micah Gersten has been answering Ubuntu questions in Launchpad since
Dec 2008, getting to be one of the top 20 contributor for Ubuntu Bugs
and Ubuntu Answers. He has done an incredible amount of bug triaging,
and his karma being at precisely 22558 points shows off his efforts.
He also works closely with the Mozilla team in identifying bugs in the
daily builds and making sure the keep on running. He has a fantastic
set of support from well established community members.

Michael Hall has been a web application developer for more than 10
years, transitioning from Perl to Java, PHP and now Python, and lives
in Florida, USA. In addition to his extensive work in the Florida LoCo
team, he's the author of Qimo Linux - a Xubuntu derivative designed
for young children featuring open-source educational games and a
simplified desktop. He has set up a on-profit organization whose goal
is to recycle second hand computers into educational system for your
kids. His application came with strong support and a great variety of

David, (mostly known as komputes), has done an overwhelming amount of
work in bug reporting, triaging and debugging. He has a good
understanding of the Linux audio subsystem and the various audio
projects, and uses this knowledge to help users troubleshoot audio
issues in Ubuntu. He's also involved in the Canada LoCo, having
organizes various events.

Marco Antonio de Hoyos is the a founder member of the proyect UTUTO
since 2004 and had participate in SOLAR, Software Libre Argentina. He
jumped on board Ubuntu on Warty and joined the Argentinian LoCo by the
end of 2007, taking on the task of moderating the mailing list, and
making sure new members understood the spirit of the project and our
Code of Conduct. He has also taken maintaining and adding to the LoCo
webpage. Last but certainly not least, he's very passionate about
teaching open source and actively gives talks and classes in a variety
of places.

The Americas Board sends congratulations and a big welcome to these new members!


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