Asia Oceania Membership Board - Meeting Minutes - 12 May 2009

amachu amachu at
Wed May 20 12:32:38 BST 2009

Hi all,

We have two new members after the Asia Oceania Membership meeting held
on 12 May 09.

1) David Planella - works for Canonical as the Ubuntu Translations
Coordinator (UTC) in the Community Team. He is currently leading the
Ubuntu Catalan Translators Team and he contributes to GNOME translation
also facilitating interaction between Ubuntu downstream and GNOME
upstream. More about him at

2) Nick HS - is part of the Singapore LoCo Team. He holds the
responsibility of being its IRC operator, forums moderator, launchpad
team administrator and website administrator. He is also a Brainstorm
Moderator. More about Nick at


Sri Ramadoss M

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