Response to Preston Gralla's "World Yawns" article

Grant Paton-Simpson grant at
Mon May 18 12:16:19 BST 2009


Just promoting my blog article "Client-device Linux use reaches 2-5%, 
world better off <>" 
( - a response to Preston Gralla's 
"Client-device Linux use reaches 1%, world yawns" 
Is my article something suitable for the "In The Blogosphere" section of 
the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter?  The specifically-Ubuntu part is where I 
respond to Preston's claim that Linux flounders on the desktop because 
there are too many variants.  I point out that Ubuntu has become the 
obvious mainstream choice, making the total number of distros irrelevant.

Apologies in advance if this is not the appropriate place for this 

All the best, Grant

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