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Tunisian LoCo Team Events in March
* FSEGS Event 9.03 :
This event was organized by the Future IT Club (CFI : Club des Futures
Informaticiens) at the Faculty of Economics and Management of Sfax on
14th March 2009. In this day, four lectures has taken place : the
first was a presentation of ubuntu by Wajih Letaief, the second
presented the Enterprise resource planning (ERP) by Rihab Loukil
Haddar, the third introduced the virtualzation using VirtualBox by
Wajih and the fourth presentation was "IDE NetBeans 6.5 : The only IDE
that you need" by Rached Aleya. A successful install party was held
afternoon where we had installed Ubuntu 8.10 in more than 50 PCs and
distribute more than 70 CD, it was really nice to see a lot of
students and teachers coming to migrate to ubuntu. This event offered
another opportunity for Tunisian people to discover a new magic OS
called ”ubuntu” and allowed an excellent real life meeting between
them. The day ended with a lovely surprise from the CFI club who
offered us a cake on which was written ”A lot of success for UBUNTU” .
French report : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TunisianTeam/EventFSEGS9.03Reporting
English report : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TunisianTeam/En/EventFSEGS9.03Reporting

* Ras El Jebel Event 9.03 :
21/03/2009 was an amazing day in Ras El Jebel as the Ubutu-tn LoCo
Team was their to animate an Ubuntu day in collaboration with the
numerical association of the village. The day was held in the Youth
Club of Ras El Jebel, it was a great opportunity to introduce new
users to Ubuntu and Open Source Softwares in general. There had been
two conferences : the first was a presentation of ubuntu by Chourouk
Lahiani and the second dealt with the virtualization using VirualBox
with Rached Aleya. There was also a workshop on how to install
anything in ubuntu and how to use AptOnCD animated by Mohamed Ben
Bouzid. It was really amazing to meet a lot of secondary school pupil
and students and explained them the interest of ubuntu. This day was
also a special occasion to hear the story of the beginning of our
Tunisian LoCo Team from M. Karim Fathallah, who also taked us to see
some of the most beautiful places on Rafraf and Matline.
French report : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TunisianTeam/EventRasJebel9.03Reporting

Nizar Kerkeni
LoCo ubuntu-tn and ubuntu member

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