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Sayak Banerjee sayakb at ubuntu.com
Fri Mar 27 13:03:42 GMT 2009

> This may be worked on from another direction.  A Brainstorm administrator
> contacted an editor for the UWN, and was impressed with the idea.  So much
> so that the editorial staff is seriously considering how to do it.  Be
> patient, please.
That would be me. Yes, it indeed is a great idea, and I'd be interested to
participate. It not only would give brainstorm more exposure, but would give
me something consistent to do as a news team member ;-)
Since we upgraded to Brainstorm V2, we've been having 400% more ideas, which
gives us quite much to write about. Ofcourse, I'd be waiting for a word from
the UWN team before I touch anything.


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