Usability Forum?

Ing. Adolf Hochhaltinger hochhaltinger at
Sun Jun 21 01:51:52 BST 2009


Is there something like an 'usability forum' (in German or English) 
where we can discuss especially these items? I mean not exactly real 
bugs, but mostly little flaws and 'stumblers' in the smoothness of the 
running system an its apps.

The idea behind: As we are trying to 'seduce' the average Windows user 
to try Ubuntu, this distribution has sure already reached a high degree 
of 'smoothness'. But in some details of there are still 'little' 
problems of various sorts which are disturbing especially for the former 
Windows User who is new to Ubuntu. Do I am looking for a forum where 
plain users can meet, who have years of (Windows) working experience and 
have therefore the qualification to 'nail' little bugs -- bugs that are 
not /technically/ important but in total they make the (remaining) 
difference between Windows and Ubuntu Linux.

Any ideas?

A. Hochhaltinger

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