Bug Stats in UWN

Craig A. Eddy tyche at cox.net
Mon Jun 15 19:15:59 BST 2009

The reason for the Bug Stats is that they show general growth in bugs
and in solving bugs.  But that would take graphing them over time, and
might be release dependent.  If you can find a way to graph it, we will
endeavor to find a way to include it.

Also, your idea of including patched bugs sounds good.  We could easily
add the numbers into our stats.  Let us know when you've got the figures
in the Bug page, and we'll set it up in our template.  Thanks for
suggesting it.


Brian Murray wrote:
> I was looking at the latest Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter and noticed the Bug
> Stats that appear there regularly.  I was considering adding bugs with
> patches to the counters but then started wondering what is the purpose
> of having the numbers?  Are they supposed to be informative or drive
> triagers to specific areas of work?  Any insight is appreciated.
> Thanks in advance,

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