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Efrain efrain at ubuntu.org.ve
Tue Jun 2 12:05:01 BST 2009

Dear News Team:

In the "Improving the Ubuntu Spirit" session in UDS, the idea of
sharing more Ubuntu happenings from around the world was pin pointed
as a key to re-energizing the spirit of Ubuntu. Currently it takes
manual compilation of news from Local Communities to boost that
feeling. The community manager presented some collages with pictures
that showcased the work of people around the world.

I, being a contributor that relied on the fridge back in the early
days to get my news, would love to see the fridge showcase more
quality LoCo news. and I understand it is not up to the news-team but
it lies on the hands of contributors.

I have read the different wiki entries on the fridge and most of the
work is focused on the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter. It is an awesome
compilation of news that every week keeps us informed on all the
Ubuntu happenings. However this medium is usually not very visually
atractive at times, and this is where planet ubuntu offers the visual
approach. The planet's biggest issue is the innability to keep record
of news and the quality of the posts do not meet basic news content
requirements. (basic questions like What, Where, When, Who, How, Why).

My idea with this email is to explore the possibility of working with
the news team  from the LoCo team projects side and boost LoCo
community news that happen in different sites and showcase them in an
area of the fridge. and I believe this can be done slowly but surely.
Enforcing the habit of sending news to fridge amonsts LoCo team
contacts, since it is as vital as sending patches upstream in the
development world. That way we can keep the tradition of serving
Ubuntu Community News since 2005.

thanks for the great effort day in and out for keeping us informed and
I look forward to your responses.

Efrain Valles
Ubuntu LoCo Council Member
Ubuntu Membership Board of the Americas Member
Vento Developer

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