Action Requested by Thursday: Special UWN Event

John Crawford johnc4510 at
Thu Jul 23 17:13:52 BST 2009

I agree on trying to get it done while the buzz is still strong. If 
someone from mdz's team can do it great...if not we can wait for him. 
UWN while be published as usual on Sunday either way.

Joey Stanford wrote:
>> I like the idea too, but I'm in airports or on airplanes all day Friday.
>> Can we pick a time next week (after Monday)?
> I'm guessing mdz is going to be at Debconf all next week, flying back
> on Friday.  The idea was to have something special while the
> excitement/buzz is around. If we wait until Monday, we can see when
> mdz will be available, or another option, is to see if anyone from
> mdz's team might want to do the podcast in his stead.
> Thoughts?
> btw, I knew it was a rare chance to get something pulled together with
> everyone's schedules before Sunday but I thought I'd try it to see
> what would happen.  UWN will release as normal this Sunday if the
> podcast is delayed until next week.

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