Action Requested by Thursday: Special UWN Event

Craig A. Eddy tyche at
Wed Jul 22 20:32:45 BST 2009


John may not be able to make it (I won't say positively either way, just
letting you know that it might not be possible for him).  I'm in, I just
checked my microphone against Skype, and I'm live (one more password
I've got to remember).  Can we come up with a couple more questions?


Joey Stanford wrote:
> Hi Matt, Matt, and Karl,
> We had some discussions on #ubuntu-news today about the possibility of
> doing a special UWN event, a podcast, to commemorate the release of LP
> as AGPL3.
> The thought was to get Karl and MDZ together on a podcast with an
> editor or two from UWN (and helped by Matt Revell)  to talk about two
> main items:
> 1) What effect does LP going FOSS mean for the UBUNTU community?
> (primarily MDZ to reply)
> 2) How can the UBUNTU community get involved with LP development?
> (primarily Karl to reply)
> Note that this is about the UBUNTU community vs the existing LP community.
> MDZ, Karl, Matt R - Would you be able to do a Friday afternoon (post
> 15:00 UTC) Skype session?   Craig Eddy has volunteered from the UWN
> team to be an interviewer. I'd like John Crawford to attend if
> possible. (maybe Craig take one question, John the other).
> Feasible? Available?
> Thanks,
> Joey

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