Action Requested by Thursday: Special UWN Event

Joey Stanford joey at
Wed Jul 22 19:59:40 BST 2009

Hi Matt, Matt, and Karl,

We had some discussions on #ubuntu-news today about the possibility of
doing a special UWN event, a podcast, to commemorate the release of LP
as AGPL3.

The thought was to get Karl and MDZ together on a podcast with an
editor or two from UWN (and helped by Matt Revell)  to talk about two
main items:

1) What effect does LP going FOSS mean for the UBUNTU community?
(primarily MDZ to reply)
2) How can the UBUNTU community get involved with LP development?
(primarily Karl to reply)

Note that this is about the UBUNTU community vs the existing LP community.

MDZ, Karl, Matt R - Would you be able to do a Friday afternoon (post
15:00 UTC) Skype session?   Craig Eddy has volunteered from the UWN
team to be an interviewer. I'd like John Crawford to attend if
possible. (maybe Craig take one question, John the other).

Feasible? Available?



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