Results from the July 15th America's Membership Review Board Meeting

Greg Grossmeier greg at
Thu Jul 16 01:33:44 BST 2009

The approval results from the July 15th Americas Membership meeting 
are as follows:

Steve Conklin: |

Steve works for Canonical as a Kernel engineer.  Currently he is 
working on new hardware enablement and bringing netbooks running 
Ubuntu to market.  He is also involved with the ubuntu-NGO team 
helping it get off the ground.  His experience working with the Red 
Cross will come in handy with that work.

Amber Granger: |

Amber has had one of the most memorable first impressions with the 
Ubuntu community when you started with a bang with her blog, Just Me, 
Amber.  The blog was a way for her to share her experiences with 
joining, and becoming a very important part of, the Ubuntu community.  
She is currently helping plan the Atlanta Linux Fest and also an 
Ubuntu User Conference in 2010.

Martin-Éric Racine |

Martin-Éric has been involved with Free Software for a number of years 
now.  He spends much of his time working to maintain a number of 
packages for Debian which are included in the Main repository of 
Ubuntu. Due to this, he also spends a large amount of time ensuring 
that patches in Ubuntu are correctly forwarded upstream.

Jimmy Harris |

Jimmy is a very active member of the Ubuntu-Florida Local Community 
team where he not only plans and runs Bug Jams and Packaging Jams but 
he also DJs at the conferences using Ubuntu Studio and Mixx.  He is 
also a mentor for the Ubuntu US Local Community team project for the 
state of Alaska, the largest state in the Union.

Please join me in welcoming these great new Ubuntu Members!

|       Greg Grossmeier |
| |

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