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Thu Jul 9 12:50:57 BST 2009

Id like to nominate BodhiZazen and Pleia2

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On Thu, Jul 9, 2009 at 8:58 PM, Daniel Holbach <daniel.holbach at>wrote:

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> Hello everybody,
> In order to get the Community Council from four to eight members again,
> we are going to have an election in a few weeks. All Ubuntu members are
> eligible to vote.
> I will announce the details of the election soon. What we want from you
> now is nominations.
> If you know somebody in the Ubuntu community, who
>    * has been an Ubuntu member for a while
>    * is dedicated to the project
>    * is well-respected and known for balanced views and good leadership
>    * has a good overview over various aspects of the project
>    * is organised and has some organisation talent
> (or you know that this all applies to you), please send an email to me
> (daniel.holbach at ubuntu dot com) with the subject "[CC Nomination]"
> until July 17th, 12:00 UTC. (I'll be on vacation afterwards.) If you can
> confirm that the person is willing to stand for election, please do so.
> Have a great day,
>  Daniel (for the CC)
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