Ubuntu labtop in UMI cafe, Ottawa

John Gill swfiua at gmail.com
Tue Jul 7 18:19:08 BST 2009


We have the beginnings of a Ubuntu group here in Ottawa (up to now
Ubuntu has fallen under the OCLUG).

Ralph Pichie organised a get together a couple of weeks ago at the Umi cafe:


The cafe has free internet via  ogwifi: http://www.ogwifi.ca/

So we thought it would be good to set up a Ubuntu machine there to
complete the picture.

I donated an old Dell Latitude 410 and the thing is now up and running
Ubuntu in the cafe.

The plan is to get some shipit CDs and have them available in the cafe too.

Wondered if you'd be interested in more info for a little fridge article?

Could get some pictures for you + we hope to have a karmic release
party there too.


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