LoCo teams in Northern Europe in cooperation

Martin Pihl martin at martinpihl.dk
Sat Jan 24 14:09:03 GMT 2009

Hi News Team

The European Nordic LoCo Teams has created a new extended cooperation,
where we hopefully can learn a lot from each other and inspire people
across the teams. The Nordic countries does not only share geography but
has the same cultural inheritance, making it obvious to cooperate across
the teams.

Perhaps this will inspire other LoCo teams around the world to something
similar, so we will see even more cooperation between Locos..

I have already written a blog article about it where you can find more
information about it: http://martinpihl.dk/words/the-birth-of-a-new-planet

See also the common planet that has come out of it already:

Kind regards
Martin Pihl
Leader, Danish Team

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