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As a "news guy" this subject interests me a lot.

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> Indeed. And that wouldn't be scalable (mythbuntu, others *buntu?).
> What I envision is similar to what can be found on some
> big main categories (in our case, the 3 target audiences are defining
> them: "World", "LoCos", "Development"), and story tagging. If you
> click on the "Kubuntu" tag, you get a view with all the latest Kubuntu
> stories plus a link to a feed.

The conventional wisdom is that you differentiate between distinct audiences
at the publication level, not the section level.  Hence, local newspapers
have News, Sports, and Entertainment sections, but they do not also have a
technical journal bundled in.  Incorporating multiple audiences and multiple
subject-level sections into a single publication becomes confusing --
multi-level hierarchy that is difficult to navigate, and confusion for
readers (and particularly for _new_ readers) as to where they should look
and what belongs where.

If I understand the blueprint right, there are two distinct problems under
consideration -- improving the "contributor-to-contributor" communication
(whether they are developers or non-code contributors), and improving
project-to-outside-world communication.  The two audiences really have
different expectations and needs; contributors need to keep abreast of
changes that affect them and their projects, for the purpose of improving
the work that they do.  General readers are interested in learning what is
new in and around the Ubuntu project as a whole, for the purpose of
education and their own information.  Obviously, individuals self-select
which group(s) they belong to, but they have divergent goals and reasons for
getting their news.  Attempting to solve both issues with one solution may
not be possible (or feasible).

Anyway, that's my observation.

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