[Developer] Agilis's Licensing Solutions Now Protect 32- and 64-bit C/C++ and Java Applications on Ubuntu

John jpyper at gmail.com
Wed Feb 25 01:30:14 GMT 2009

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John Pyper
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On 2/24/09, Dominic Haigh <dominichaigh at agilis-sw.com> wrote:
> Santa Clara, California, February 23rd, 2009. Agilis Software today
> announced that their EasyLicenser License Manager and Orion Network
> Licensing Platform can now protect 64-bit C/C++ applications running on
> Linux, Windows, Solaris-SPARC and Solaris-Intel platforms, and on Mac OS X
> universal binaries. Linux support includes 32- and 64-bit Red Hat Enterprise
> Linux, SuSE and Ubuntu distributions and compatible platforms such as
> Fedora, CentOS, OpenSuSE, and Novell SLES/SLED.
> Independent software vendors (ISVs) can now use Agilis's secure, flexible
> licensing solutions to protect their applications on this expanded range of
> platforms, as well as on the 32-bit versions of Windows, Linux,
> Solaris-SPARC and Solaris-Intel, and on any Java-enabled platform. Orion can
> also protect C# and VB.net applications.
> The new releases are EasyLicenser version 2.5.11, and the Orion client
> library version 2.0.11. Both new versions are available now and all client
> libraries are compatible with Agilis' Acropolis Integration Manager
> automated license generation, delivery and management on-demand hosted
> services.
> Agilis Software LLC is a Santa Clara, CA based company that specializes in
> electronic license management solutions for the Internet era. Visit
> http://www.agilis-sw.com for further information.
> Orion is an Internet-protocol-based Network Licensing Platform that can
> function as a product activation server, floating license server, license
> key distribution server and software asset and activity tracking server, to
> protect applications written in Java, C/C++ or C#/.Net/VB. Orion is a
> highly-available, extensible and self-contained licensing platform. Orion is
> based on accepted standards such as HTTP and J2EE so fits readily into
> modern networked environments. Visit http://www.agilis-sw.com/orion/ for
> further information.
> EasyLicenser is a standalone license management solution that offers
> single-user desktop, server and embedded licensing, comprehensive licensing
> policies including time-limited, metered or feature licensing, and
> extensible node-locking. EasyLicenser provides protection for Java and C/C++
> applications. For details or a free evaluation download please visit the
> Agilis website at www.agilis-sw.com.
> Press Contact:
> Dominic Haigh
> dominichaigh at agilis-sw.com
> 408 404 8480 extension 611
> -30-
> ----
> Dominic Haigh
> Agilis Software
> 5201 Great America Parkway, Suite 320
> Santa Clara, CA 95054
> URL: www.agilis-sw.com <http://www.agilis-sw.com/>
> Tel.: 408 404 8480 extension 611
> Agilis is presenting a series of webinars on license management topics. Our
> next webinar is on May 12th 2009 on New Ways to Leverage the Internet for
> License Management, from Product Activation to Automating Legacy Licensing
> Systems. For further information and to register go to:
> https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/717878700
> <https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/717878700>

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