Results from Americas Membership Meeting, February 20th 2009

Efrain efrain at
Fri Feb 20 12:13:58 GMT 2009

The following is to report on the Membership meeting held by the
Membership Board of Americas. The board noted the great amount of
support for the applicants from great people in the community. We are
pleased to present the new members of the Ubuntu Project.

Dave Bush -

Dave is an LPI level 1 certified on his way to UCP certification, and
He currently work as a Infrastructure Engineer at the Myrtle Beach
office of a network security company based in Atlanta, GA. He is an
active participant in the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter. he currently takes
care of  The Blogosphere, In Other News. He had previously worked with
the Security and Updates listings.  He is a member of the Ubuntu South
Carolina Team (US team).

Kenny McHenry -

Kenny recently graduated in DeVry University with a Bachelors of
Science degree in Electronics Engineering Technology at the end of
October 2008. His significant participation in Ubuntu is in his LoCo
team work and his contributions to the News team. He has helped the
Arizona Team organize release parties and other events and he has also
contributed to the teams website.

Michael Lustfield -

Michael is the current LoCo team Contact for Ubuntu South Dakota LoCo
Team. He is working hard on promoting the team nad has even set up a
website. His contributions are also noticeable in the LoCo-Drupal
project. He is a very active bug squasher. Michael had applied for
membership a couple of months ago and he was told to try again in the
future. His contributions to Ubuntu have surpassed the expectations of
the Council.

Chris Crisafulli -

Chris is the LoCo team contact for the Florida Team. He is currently
very active in participating in events across the state and the
country. He belongs to other LUGs and SIGs where he actively promotes
Ubuntu. He is also working on bugs and he is encouraging Bug Jams and
other events in his region.

The Membership Board of Americas bids welcome to this great community

Efrain Valles

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