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Hi folks,

just in case you're interested in news from motu-release...:

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Hi folks,

just a short heads up, sorry that I didn't come around to 
write a few points of the results of the meeting yet. So here a few
points we discussed. Please refer to the full log, in case you're 
interested in getting the full picture at [1].

1) grilling Iulian
   first off, after the call for volunteers, Iulian was the victim to
   become a member of motu-release. Questions were asked and Iulian 
   answered them all to our consent [and he's a member 
   of motu-release in the meantime].

2) bi-weekly ubuntu-release meetings:
   Scottk brought this up, and thought it would be good if a motu-release
   person would be there (luckily, ScottK fullfilled this quite good last
   release and volunteered to do the same for jaunty -- of course other
   members are invited, too!)

3) new packages:
   We'll take a harder policy in regrads to NEW this time, so bring in your
   pet package before FF, otherwise we'll just say NO!

other items of action:
* DktrKranz to take a stab at drafting a motu-release policy.
* sistpoty to review motu-release delegations.
* DktrKranz to book ubuntu-meeting for next meeting [already done].

Finally, next organisational meeting will take place on
  Monday 16th - 19:00 UTC, #ubuntu-meeting.

[1]: <http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2009/02/03/%23ubuntu-meeting.html>

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